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​Frog was founded by Andrew James, who has worked in publishing as an editor for over a decade. Andrew (he/him) is passionate about foregrounding queer voices and he was formerly Editorial Director at Jessica Kingsley Publishers where he established their market-leading LGBTQIA+ publishing. He is also the former co-Chair of the Hachette Pride Employee Network.

In 2018, Andrew was selected as a Rising Star by The Bookseller and he was shortlisted for the London Book Fair Trailblazer Award in 2017. His books have won and been shortlisted for the Polari Book Prize, Polari First Book Prize, Polari Children’s & YA Book Prize, Lambda Literary Award, Stonewall Book Award and chosen for World Book Night.


Solely dedicated to representing LGBTQIA+ writers and creators, Frog’s mission is to revolutionise queer writing and champion queer representation in mainstream publishing. Although queer representation in publishing has improved hugely over the years there is still so much more to be done.


We want to see radical, complex and raw stories that move beyond tired stereotypes. We want more intersectionality and more diversity across all genres. And we no longer want queer writers to be pigeonholed into only writing about their marginalised experiences. 


Frog is a queer literary agency open to submissions across fiction and non-fiction as well as experimental works that resist categorisation.

Frog also provides a range of editorial services for published and unpublished authors as well as publishers, including manuscript assessment, structural editing, book proposal feedback, ghostwriting and authenticity/sensitivity reads.

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