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Charley Barnes is an author and academic based in Worcestershire. She is a crime, psychological thriller and romance author, having most recently published A True Crime (Bloodhound Books, 2024),The Good Child (Bloodhound Books, 2023),The Break Up (HQ, 2022), and a monograph, Deconstructing True Crime Literature (Palgrave Macmillan, 2023). Alongside this, Charley writes poetry and has published Unfaithful (Salo Press, 2023), and Your Body is a House Stripped (Broken Sleep Books, 2023). 

Charley's next book, A Walk In The Park, will be published in 2024 by Choc Lit, an imprint of Joffe Books.


Charley lectures in Creative and Professional Writing, and Charley's research background currently lies in narrative representations and literary technique in True Crime literature. Charley is also an editor and podcast co-host, having collaborated in both areas with fellow poet Wendy Allen. Their podcast, What We've Been Reading, features the best and biggest names in contemporary poetry and is available now on Spotify. Charley is available on social media under the handle @charleyblogs (Instagram/X) and her website is

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