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Emily Garside is a writer and professional nerd based in Cardiff. She has previously published Love That Journey For Me: The Queer Revolution of Schitt's Creek (2021, 404 Ink) and Angels in America at the British National Theatre (2022, McFarland). Her forthcoming publications include Seasons of Love: Why Rent Matters (Applause), Schitt’s Creek and the Rise of Queer TV (Applause), and From Queer as Folk to It’s A Sin: Russell T Davies and Queer TV (Calon Books). She is currently working on a cultural and historical overview of queer TV from the nineties to the present day. She regularly contributes to The Queer Review, American Theatre, and Wales Art Review and has written for Slate, BBC and The Stage. Emily has a PhD in theatrical responses to the AIDS crisis and is a leading expert on LGBTQ+ theatre. 

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